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An introduction to self discovery that leads to understanding, clarity, purpose and contentment…

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” - jung
“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – jung

Are you ready to take the plunge?  


so here you are……

coming to the end of self

for some reason or another, usually under duress, usually in pain, usually having been betrayed or the betrayer, many times angry as hell itself, we find ourselves awakening to our dying…..

its’ quite the thing I know, to say…. ‘awakening to our dying’.

ok, how about this: you’re waking up to find that the house of your being is on fire!!house-fire

and as we say at educo: ‘welcome to the club’ …i’m asked: what does that mean?

it means that this IS the single most important thing that we must embark on: discovering who we are and who we have become and removing any incongruence or disparity between those two.

all need to be on this path, yet most never want it…

but here you are…..is it time now to do something different?

We speed headlong on a course we think we are plotting and then find ourselves in some foreign place, becoming something so far from what we know ourselves to be  – or dare I say, we know we ‘ought’ to be and have somehow strayed so far from that ideal.

pushing a boulder

Yet many of us, push harder, longer until ‘something’ breaks’…or as I like to say “something breaks me” of my self will that is….








so here you find yourself…..have you reached the point you’re done doing the worlds bidding and can see that your life is out of control? good…



Woman-end-of-ropeThe best way I think this point is described as: “coming to the end of yourself”

Do you know what I mean by that?

All your ‘way’s’ of dealing, interacting, co-existing with the world (reality) around you are no longer ‘working’.  Or you are just waking up (becoming conscious of the unconscious) that your methods of coping have never really worked and on a deep level you knew you would end up here, and for many of us, (I laugh) ‘again’.


Yet, if you would allow me to go even deeper and more accurately: you are waking up to the fact that you are not living your life. Now I risk losing many on the path of getting too ethereal but it’s quite simple actually. Until your ‘see’ (perceive) that your are the sum total of all your experiences that were ‘pressed’ (trauma or shock) upon you, these things will grow and own and act through you. period. end of story. every day. have you noticed that you can become unglued at nothing? good. it’s all around you.

can’t you see? people are going in circles reliving the exact or exact opposite (conformity –  rebellion both reactive in nature) as what was done to them in the past. passing hell forward so to speak.


Evil and privation enter the world through us. we are spiritual beings having a mortal experience.

what you feed within you grows.

do not resent or resist the reality that you have fed and entertained. what have you been giving your energy, your life force, your finite time to? if you are not feeding your spirit and growing the light side of you, you are dying to the dark side. easy test: what comes out of you when evil presses on you? is it like for like energy?


jung coming to conscious meme

– just by saying “I don’t want to be like that’ does not make it so. you must begin the painful process of starving the ego (pride, pushing your will) and bowing the knees of your spirit to that which you know to be true.

Once you begin to ‘see’ what is acting through you, you will have choices. You can feed that which is familiar, safe (illusion of control), and stagnate, I like to refer to as the ‘velvet hell’ or embark on a journey of discovery?



……the funny thing is, although it’s not funny: you are ALREADY  on a journey!!


you just get to choose how you want to show up and where you want to go…..



Enough philosophy lets throw some tangible useable actionable tools you can use employ right now to alter your life forever.

  1. WILLINGNESS– oh my goodness this is such a simple and powerful skill and yes, it is the virtue to all virtues, It is learned usually by trial and failing.  It involves patience, humility,  and learning to truly ‘listen’ that is, hear what is being conveyed, in your spirit, in your being, in your relationships in your circumstances in day contrite prayingto day life, something is speaking to you, trying to show you and guide you. BE OPEN! it will show up in ways you’re not use to, and (I laugh again) ways you might find ‘unacceptable’ or ‘beneath you’.






  1. BECOME A STUDENT – ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’. This goes hand and hand with willingness. As you master these tools, you will become much more dynamic, pliable and powerful in yourjourney of a thousand miles own self. When you enter life being willing to ‘not know’  (faith), that is to allow something to be revealed to you (epiphany, enlightenment, understanding)  no mater how painful it is to see, your growth will be exponential. Being ‘willing not to know’ is being willing to be shown. It’s being a student to what ever is brought before you. It’s being willing to ask ‘the question’ (I always get asked ‘what question’ and I answer “exactly!”) 

  2. TAKE ACTION – STUMBLE FORWARD! Very very powerful basic principle we believe in very deeply at Educo: Action begets action.  Action creates DEEP LEARNING What you say? Ever embarked on something big you’ve never embarked on before? And you were especially fearful?  Were you not changed by that experience? Taking deliberate intentional action against (for lack of a better term ‘countering’) your bad programming and messaging (defining self) will blow a massive hole in your experience which changes your perception.It will give and create momentum. You will grow faster guaranteed. It evokes that which is stuck. We love to poke and prod and question and challenge at Educo because it’s so effective in moving you OUT OF YOUR HEAD and into your body/experience. Do that in direct opposition to your fears and resentments and you will experience ‘displacement’. Displacement is when the new experience blows a hole in the false perception of self and something must give. Usually you will experience anger. Ever have someone try to help you and it’s hard for you to accept help but they insist and the only way you know how to feel comfortable is to get angry then push it away. Or fill in the blanks..whatever is hard for you to accept that is good right and nurtiening, will be pushed up for ‘processing’ and ‘examination’ and ‘release’.

    We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit". - Aristotle
    We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”. – Aristotle
  3. ALLOW YOUR SELF TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE: Another skill. Do you know you can feel pain and not react in any way. if I told you I was going to smack your arm, and to prepare, you wouldn’t jump or react. This is a powerful powerful skill to learn. SELF OBSERVATION. to allow yourself to be in safe yet uncomfortable setting. THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC IS, MAKE NO DOUBT! Like going to a group meeting and helping to read some of the literature outlaid. or owning a wrong when you know that little bugger is 99% the problem, you own your 1% even if they gloat. When feelings of anger or pain or compulsion come up…we may say “I don’t want to be like this” yet, it’s there, it’s ugly, its uncomfortable to look at let alone release. release it. just don’t add to it. release what is in you all the way up and out. Turn and face it head on. Turn and face that which you’ve been running from your whole life!  Allow yourself the gift of awareness that brings the pain of truth – lol, I know, that’s why everyone is fast asleep!

  4. STOP RESENTING REALITY: This is where we get stuck. We forget that we are only victims because we choose to be. It’s the willfulness of the ego that resents things like ‘traffic’ or the fact that we picked a lousy mate or that you can’t say no to your nit picking mother or the degrading step father she married. You have choices. Resenting reality blinds you to the fact that you can act and change your life, hard choices perhaps, but still it remains, you have that power. marcus-aurelius-anger-quotes-how-much-more-grievous-are-theResenting ties you in a wrong way to the thing you resent. YOU BECOME ATTACHED AND ADDICTED TO RESENTING.  Resenting is the cowards power. It throws an anger energy at life instead of taking ownership of ones life. Resenting is a low level hate of reality. Cogitate on that for a moment. Resentment is Resisting Reality with emotion (perturbed, agitated, impatient, snappy – all fit, all low level anger). Resentment opens you up to be sensitive to the next thing that triggers you. It starts to build like a heap of dung that buries you eventually. Figuratively and…….Literally.




………and finally the most important virtue you will every have to learn,


and yes, it is a hard skill to learn, but just like working out to condition your physical body, you must work out your spiritual and emotional ‘muscles’ as well! Why do we think everything of value must take effort except our psychological and spiritual  aspects?


Now how can you employ these principles right now?

  1. Join and go to as many group meetings that promote overcoming character flaws, programming and messaging. There are a plethora of outreach, 12 step and self growth meetings out there.

  2. Find a mentor or sponsor and be mentored! Find someone you can trust won’t capitulate to you. Find someone who will hold you accountable to what you know to be true. Every great entrepreneur, athlete, spiritual guru, CEO, General and leaders alike all had strong mentors or coaches in their lives. Therapy is of course and option as well. But be forewarned, a so called ‘professional’ may have never walked the walk he expects you to walk! Be discerning and trust your intuition in all things!

  3. Start Journaling. Our heads are spinning with thoughts that provoke emotion that then promote more thoughts…..start writing what is going on. not only is it a release but brings clarity by getting out of your head. You will find, say, if you start writing when you are anger, you will begin to be able to then access and express that anger on paper in lieu of bottling it up to give you cancer in 20 years. ha. true.

  4. Buy a workbook and work it religiously. By a workbook that is going to ask you tough questions and force you to look within. Remember, it’s not so much the content as it is the inquiry itself. To be willing to look, regardless of the author, or philosophy, in and of itself will change your life. Your higher power/purpose will guide you through the tactics.

  5. Get a higher power. What? Yes….if there isn’t anything greater than yourself, not even ‘higher ideal’s then you are the ‘peak of your own experience’ ..that is to put it another way “you are a god unto yourself’…now wait isn’t that what brought you to this place?

  6. Help others. But know you limits. I’ve seen that axiom ‘give back’ be abused to often. Let me be stern about this: YOU CANNOT GIVE AWAY WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE ….get it? But help others who are struggling that are put in your path. When you gain something, give it away, this guarantees that you will keep it! you are now being the agent of awareness, that is, the teacher to someone else becoming a student.


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