EDUCO: Verb, present active: ēdūcō :  “to draw out, lead out, march out; bring up; to challenge”  

because true understanding comes from within~

we have most of everything we need to grow heal and become more within us. we always search ‘out’ there to find an answer, yet all that is real to our experience is within.

all is required is a willingness, an ‘inclination of the spirit’ to see what is actually true to our each unique but also common experience.

we  cannot ‘learn’ ourselves to wisdom or ‘will’ ourselves to be better…that’s the whole problem, isn’t it? we, those who desire to be more, to grow, can’t seem to get there, or get there fast enough!

understanding comes from within ones being, ones spirit. it doesn’t start with an intellectual ascent towards some outcome. understanding comes with being still. understanding comes from learning to ‘listen’ to ones ‘feelings’ and ‘spirit within’. not from craming  information and distracting oneself with endless self improvement goals and sheep skins promise! enlightenment, understanding, wisdom and essential freedom, comes from being still, learning patience and being willing to ‘feel’ what is real in the moment. it’s not easy work- and: “there is no claim to virtue without trial”….in other words, anything of true instinct value does not come easy..

it is our job to challenge you, to draw you ‘out’ of yourself, out of your comfort zone. the learning (magic as it is said)  is outside your comfort zone. we are to challenge your ingrained programming that resists even your own best efforts!


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